The structure of the PX depends on a weak point, highlighted in the image below, that is continually stressed in normal use. I believe this makes the structure liable to failure over a relatively short period of time.
If the structure of your Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones have failed, please get in touch in the hope that Bowers and Wilkins will acknowledge this is an issue.

Single point of failure

The headphone arms are attached to the headband hinge by two tiny 1mm x 2mm prongs of metal.

These are continually loaded and unloaded before the metal fails and the headphones become unusable.


Unfit For Purpose

The Consumer Rights Act (2015) states products should be durable for a length of time determined by the relative price of the product and, therefore, its expected quality.

Metal Break Close Up

Only the two tips of the ear cup arm hold the unit together. This photo shows where the tips have snapped off.

Failures Already

The device was only released around 2 years ago, with multiple instances of failures happening already.

If this happens outside the warranty period (2 years) you'll be left with a £329 pair of headphones that are completly unusable.

If this happens inside the warranty, Bowers & Wilkins will replace the headphones with another pair of PX that might last another 2 years.

Bowers & Wilkins PX 7

Replacement with PX 7

The arms of the PX 7 have been redesigned, solving this issue, but Bowers & Wilkins say no to:

Extending Warranty

Bowers & Wilkins will not offer any more than 90 days warranty on a replacement PX, beyond the original 2 year warranty.

Fixing the PX

Bowers & Wilkins have not said they have fixed the issue on a replacement PX, just that they "are always making continuous improvements to our products and our manufacturing processes."

Paying to Upgrade

Bowers & Wilkins will not allow paying to replace with the PX7.


A few shots to highlight the issue further


  • Please contact us if you have experienced a similar issue with your PX headphones. Hopefully we can make Bowers and Wilkins change their mind and provide us with headphones don't fall apart.